Cast and Crew

Seneca Burr - John - This guy hasn't given me his bio yet... so I'm gonna put what I know. He's an actor. I think. He plays in a NYC pool league out of Barfly. I met Seneca about six years ago, the start of a friendly rivalry.

Seneca was the first person I asked to join the cast of 8 for Vegas, at the recommendation of our mutual friend Elke Hall. So there.

Ian Bjorklund - Ian - Ian Bjorklund - Has spent much of his life working as a performer and director.  He has worked with some great companies and theaters in New York City.  After training at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts he has also spent his time working various jobs in communications working in Creative Recruiting for one of the worlds largest ad agency's, as a press representative for Broadway shows, and currently in communications for a large bank.  He much prefers his time working in the arts and looks forward to not having a day job someday in the future.  He is currently a co-host on Thrift Store Confidential, an online web series helping people learn to use thrift stores in creative ways to make their lives better.

Nicole Poole - Nicole - Nicole Poole is an actor, voiceover artist and writer based in New York City. An award-winning narrator for audiobooks, and a familiar face and voice for national commercial campaigns, Nicole has performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Tony Award-winning New Group, the New York International Fringe Festival, and on stages throughout Europe. Projects in development include the films "8 For Vegas," by John Painz (2011), "A Long Night" by Malcolm Murray (2012) and "Macbeth Variations,"(Paris 2009 & 2010, Marseilles 2011). Nicole is also adapting and producing "The Parisian Jazz Chronicles," a multi-media live documentary based on the work of the late, great Mike Zwerin, to be performed in Paris in 2011/2012. Nicole is also a certified Soundpainter, working with jazz orchestras to enhance theatricality in their performances, and the owner and editor of the groundbreaking website Thrift Store Confidential.

Sloan Seaborn - Leslie - Sloan began dabbling in the acting world after spending too many years in Corporate America, primarily as an equity research analyst at several international investment banks. What drove her to the art was an interest in the opportunity to fully explore and analyze the human condition, and to portray and expose these defects through performing arts. She has studied with Michael Beckett at HB Studio. Additionally, she has trained with Jerry Coyle, Ed Farron, Batt Johnson and Peter Miner at Weist-Barron Studios. She has a particular interest in period pieces. This will be her first venture into a principal role in a feature film.

Drew W. Jeeves - Walter - Christ, so, ok. This guy... no one knows a good goddamn thing about him. He was at the pool hall, moping around, and I said "Hey! Why not try acting!" and he said ok and started taking off his clothes. I said "It's not that kind of movie." He sighed, put his clothes back on and started drinking, heavily. The rest is history... until he gives me his actual bio.

Julie Sisson - Producer/Sound/Editor Julie grew up outside of Philadelphia and graduated from Loyola University New Orleans in 2009.  She started off working as a production assistant in reality television and currently works in a film/theater development office.  She resides in New York City. (editors note: we all do, jeez. I met Julie when she became the newest addition to my Tuesday pool team. We hit it off, I found out she wanted to be a producer, and the rest is a depressing tale of two creative people trying to blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh).

John Painz - Director/Writer/Producer and Editor
Boy, those are three crazy looking credits for someone who doesn't know what he's doing. If you'd like to know more about me, you can check out my blog.